Indian Rural Chamber of Commerce & Industry : Membership Benefits-

What is a chamber of commerce? : A chamber of commerce is an organization that looks out for business interests in a particular area. There are national, state, and local chambers of commerce. Chamber and business development consultant at Collaborative Marketing Services, “Local chambers of commerce are businesses joined together to improve their value, visibility, and credibility; share news, ideas, and best practices; qualify for higher negotiated group savings on the products and services they use; and become better connected with the markets they serve and the resources they need to serve them.”

The benefits of Chamber membership are infinite! There is something for everyone, regardless of  your industry or business size. Chamber membership conveys credibility and stability to your customers. Being a member of the Chamber of Commerce will open the door to many contacts that can help your business grow through the power of referrals and networking. Benefits you can take advantage of today as a member of the Chamber:

Networking and Events:

Indian Rural Chamber of Commerce and Industry hosts over 20 networking events throughout the year ranging from small networking groups to our annual Gala that attracts over 20,000 attendees. Networking at the Chamber provides you and your business new opportunities to meet new clients and customers, while enjoying the event’s theme and focus.

Education and Training

Attend educational and training workshops and seminars to increase your knowledge and skills in the business world! Stay up-to-date on a number of topics and issues through our annual Chamber Academy educational series, Peer2Peer groups (complimentary for Chamber members), topical bi-weekly webinars, and ongoing blog articles.

Referrals of Business

More business sent your way!  We refer member-only businesses. Your involvement in Chamber membership demonstrates to other businesses and to potential customers that you are committed to supporting the local economy and community. Members establish valuable relationships with one another through lead exchanges and referrals facilitated by Chamber staff, other members, online/print directories and our website.

Member Rewards

Recognize the value of your Chamber membership every day with great savings. By taking advantage of Member Reward deals that are exclusively negotiated for our members, you will see tremendous savings on your costs of doing business.

Advertising and Sponsorship Opportunities

Build awareness of your business through cost-effective advertising in the Chambers various communication outlets such as the eNews Weekly, Advocate publication, website, directory and others. Reach other business owners, decision makers, and the more than 10,000 members.

Representation on Important Business Issues

The Chamber’s advocacy agenda and our ongoing relationships with legislators at the federal level through the Canadian Chamber, the provincial level through the Ontario Chamber and directly to municipal officials locally – we work on your behalf. Members are kept informed of proposed legislation and regulations that can impact their business. For more information about the many benefits of membership, please contact us on-6203207548.

Membership Fee: ( Yearly)

Primary Membership  : Rs-1,000/-
Block Membership       : Rs-2100/-
District Membership   : Rs-5100/-
State Membership        : Rs-11,000/-
National Membership : Rs-21,000/-

By the decision of national cabinet committee.



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