Preservation & Promotion of Cultural Heritage of India:

Nation’s cultural heritage and natural history are precious and unique. Cultural heritage security depends on a consistent basis. Which includes cultural sites, old buildings, temples, landmarks of cultural and historical significance. Culture and its history are morals, beliefs, and aims. They form a people’s national identity. It is essential to preserve our cultural heritage to maintain our identity as a nation.The value of cultural heritage isn’t in cultural manifestation itself. But in the wealth of experience and skills passed down from generation to generation. Cultural and natural heritages are considered invaluable resources, creating a unique tourist attraction for each country. However, knowing how to use this heritage for sustainable tourism development, while preserving and promoting the heritage value for future generations is not a simple task.  It is necessary to have sustainable development in active cultural conservation, as well as the relationship between the preservation, promotion of the cultural heritage and the socio-economic development and the environment.

Heritage In Culture:

Cultural heritage includes structures, artwork, and other significant objects in society. It also entails intangible elements such as folklore, language, knowledge, customs, and beliefs. A group’s cultural heritage is different, precious, and irreplaceable. The task of preserving culture for future generations now falls to the current youth.The younger generation must preserve the identity of the people who came before them. Also, they need to follow the same practices and manners. So that they prevent any change in the cultural heritage during their lifetime. Keeping our history alive improves our environment. It is commonly accepted that preserving heritage sites benefit the world. 

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